FN Futures

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

FoE Nouveau: Futures 2002/3

Some ideas for the futures workshop.


Wildspaces Film Event -- we should organise this again [RO]

30th Anniversary Conference -- let's hold a 2 day conference to
celebrate FoE's 30 years in Australia [BJO]


BookClub: We could organise a reading group to discuss
key environmental books [AK]

Green Fire: let’s revive this as an email newsletter [TF]

Speakers: can we organise a guest speaker in alternate months?

Can we help set up an Adelaide Social Forum
like they did in Brisbane & Melbourne?


Climate Justice: we should form a local CJ campaign
and organise events with melbourne & Brisbane [RO]

Anti-nuke: isn’t it time to set up an adelaide branch of the
national FoE campaign?


Can we produce stuff for school-kids? i hate to think that
pro-nukes rubbish is all that's available.